Paco Rabanne Cologne Helps Detective Daniel Gomez Battle Covid-19

Dear Paco Rabanne,

Just wanted to say thank you! I have always been a fan of your men’s cologne since my high school years. Early November 2020 I decided to purchase some cologne online and I purchased the green bottle of Paco Rabanne. It’s an older scent but it’s a classic. I always received many compliments when I wear it. Buying online from different sites can be challenging not knowing whether you will get the authentic or a fake. I received my cologne on November 13, 2020. I opened the package and sprayed a little around the neck and then sprayed a little on the inside of my wrist. I noticed I didn’t smell anything. I got upset and said well they sent me water and it’s a fake! Then I thought wait a minute I’ve been sick for a few days and maybe I had COVID-19. I heard a neighbor outside and hmmm let me have her smell it. So, I put my mask on and went outside and asked her to smell my wrist. She said Danny, that smells good!! Boom, then I knew I had it and had to take some action. Well 109 days later doctors have released me. Thank you for arriving that day so I could take action and get treatment. Doctors have released me and said recovery is a slow process but you will be ok. Thanks to you Paco Rabanne for getting started in testing and treatment.

Thank you again!
Daniel Gomez